Tonight conversation with you was only of minutes,
But left a deep chasm in my heart.
How deftly you pronounce by thy bold tongue:
Why didn’t I call thee since that rendezvous?
I voice in low, the voice got slow
And she press repeats after repeats.
After all, the grin at her fair cheek, determine,
She understood, what I have blubbered ‘n an infant voice.

Tonight, you again promised me of betroth,
Lodge at Shalimar, where did you disappear after
The Rüsoom of Mēhándi and the folk song, O lady.

Tonight, you haven’t thought of any constrains,
All the barriers you have broached for my sake!
Don’t you know? I love you still as Ranja!
O my Heer! Haven’t you ever thought of me since?
What I’m rankling through inside?
All you had heard from my envoys were
The Dāstãans of my underwent.
If you credibly can load, “I’m suffering what you’ve
Suffered or your undergoing is launching my nimble
Core apart,” lady, should I believe on you?

In Spring - A Poem

Hark! One day I profane, violate the sanctity,
When I eavesdrop the gossip of thy camaraderie,
And invalidly caught the leaks of your corpse:
You won’t forsake the hand,
To whom thy heart shalt guarantee.
Shall enwrap all your taste of literature for…
Only to lodge in the cranny of your Majnün,
To study him and his genre.”

Señora! Don’t you abandon me ever,
I cannot withstand against
The movement of beloved’s tyranny.

Same day I caught it too, like thy Francis,
You’re harbouring an inherent pain
For an alien lore, lets backpack now,
For you have been kissed by someone
Who admires thy fancy and thy dream.


Señora, I will propose, snuggle you there again,
Love you much more than before,
Shall read and study there from reservoir fain,
Only ones made a glimpse of thy archival paramour,
Till you promise me a true hand of troth again.
I love you Señora, more than the days bygone.
…….     …….     …….     ……     …….
Bend her emaciated-cheeks ere she said;
(O beloved lover! Qåbõol Häî, accept me, thy pampered bride).

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