From The Top of GEMS

From the top floor of the highest seat
Of learning, I can behold the beauty,
Spread all over the lawns beneath
Like a source of joy, never-ending
And continuous as stars to go.

In clusters, sitting my fellow beings,
Beside the fence and in the middle
Holding the spoons, full of their day’s meal
Gossip of their animation and exuberance
Like they fall in the words of each other,
Casting with such sobersided countenances.

From some distance, there you visualise
The busy roads and spot some special vehicles passing,
Lest the other humans do not move till the ‘Guardians’ go!
After the mighty signal lets you move.


Back to the normal view, there is hustle and bustle again,
Yes, it is of some cricket match being played
In the middle of November grass, decorated
Like a golden fur, worn by a newly married bride
But her garments seem to be weary now
Against the outside traffic view.

Ah! My friend, lost in His majesty
Begging before the Ultimate Power,
Praying with some whispering whispers,
May be thinking of his final ghat
Or pleading to Him for all worries to end!

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Sahil Mudasir
Sahil Mudasir
Sahil Mudasir is from Melahura Shopian. A teacher by profession, Sahil is the author of "Secrets of an Occupied Heart" and "The Shadows". He can be emailed on

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