Woke up one day, Dove-hearted
Never scared, as all souls guarded

Expected the bright dawn, to its splendor
But found, as the status of soul discarded

Silent fears everywhere, with anger inside
The streets mobbed, their looks uncharted

Still not known, the outcome of hatred
Deprived of freedom, till the souls departed

It was clear, the incoming wrath of weapons
Kashmir, united against savagers in triparted

Everyone of his own, since sorrowful evening came
All aboriginals cautioned, the dreadful war started

Me, with rosy feelings, unaware of coward savagers
Who made our heaven, the blood-filled dump carted

The next morning was frightening, with nature itself
Dreadful clouds, made up with coal, to be bombarded

The forces flooded the blood cruelly, but
The movement of freedom, never gonna be retarded

The voice of innocents, pleading to all
“We want heaven back”, always disregarded

In that paradise, the mourns never ended
The world claims, “The savagers should be awarded”

The cruelty everywhere, everyone fed up with that
Every martyr of heaven, made foes to be responded

Why foes claim that paradise as their attribute
Every civilian of Kashmir, aware of the paper recorded

The heaven belongs to those, who deserve it
Let’s get that paper, you’ll catch cruel red-handed

When will you find peace? Tell me O’ Eyan!
They never fled from the heaven, till blood clotted

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