Human security had
Died long ago,
Prosperity expired lastly,
No more pixels in the sight,
Of abstract image of
The term humanity.

Inhumed is mankind
Under a rocky mountain,
Where no single
Molecule of pain,
Touches social, democratic
Senses of any Homo sapien,
Aren’t they just nothing
More than structural beings?

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In mould of a human
Died stature of humanity.
All the pain was captured,
With eyes wide open.
While someone breath last,
All shrubs of humanity,
Yet if survived, were lost.
Witness bears pages of past.

Hope for Hopeless

Enough aghast are those pages,
To spoil future in hatred; revenge
For every word recites pain,
Ins, ends of every chapter
Recoils strong retaliation.
Then, deliberately Islam
Is painted with terrorism,
Wrapped with radicalization.

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