Holding my heart,
Still waiting for the melodious rainfall
That will start,
The new memory of beloved’s call
Oh! I love the rainfall

I never sought solitude,
In absence of rain
Which brings glee in my mood
And clears my all pain
Oh! I love the rainfall

Together with my dear,
We would halt slowly for little drops
Raindrops oozing, without any fear
Through face, on chest, as it stops
Oh! I love the rainfall

That drops, hiding in my bosom
The memories, I ought to remind
In my still heart, the shades blossom
With-love-with me, the souls shined
Oh! I love the rainfall


That intimacy, I couldn’t bear
Lil drops, falling on pinkish lips
My heart, slake it’s thrist, as it glare
Couldn’t part from them, as rain grips
Oh! I love the rainfall

It’ll continue till dark night
My dearest with me,
Clinging together and hugging tight
Wails apart, our bodies, wet in glee
Oh! I love the rainfall

The lonely road with dark nightlone
Will compel us again to make vow,
“When there is rainfall, make my dark soul bright”
When there is rainfall, I shall visit thou
Oh! I love the rainfall

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