The last light on the horizon,
A rainbow caught between the trees,
The thought of love that’s fading,
A golden leaf caught in the breeze.

A moment mixed with memory,
Something that somebody said,
Feelings that just fade away,
Not real only in my head.

I watch them fade into the distance,
Replaced by the here and now,
I dance to the rhythm of music,
As much as my mind will allow

Dreams drop by in the nighttime,
Familiar faces appear,
Only then to fade away,
When did I feel they were so, near?

Stone Heart Showed Everything and Left!

Something I thought forgotten,
Evoking a flickering flame,
Then to wake up in the morning,
When nothing feels the same.

The real radiation of ripples,
In circles, they reach for the shore,
A parcel arrives unexpected,
A tap, tap, tap on my door.

Then in a day, it all fades away,
Replaced by a moment of mist,
A beauty deep down in the valley,
Until the sun it’s kissed.

Then I must say it fades away,
I stand on the edge of the day,
And as the stars stutter and die,
I watch as the night fades away.

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Hilal Ahmad Sheikh
Hilal Ahmad Sheikh
Hilal Ahmad Sheikh is a resident of Srigufwara area of Anantnag district. Presently, he is pursuing Masters in Tourism & Travel Management at Government Degree College (Boys) Anantnag.

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