I want to live,
Live in peace,
In the horror of struggle,
With the sound of a stream.

In the drops of rain,
Or the noise of a siren,
The sense of fear,
The illusion of a sequel.

I want to live,
In the place of dream,
With unconfined words,
Till the concluding breath.

In the green gardens,
With the colourful thoughts,
Along the tall trees,
On the long streets.

I want to live,
In an unwired hamlet,
Without distressful thoughts,
Keeping love in my heart.

Ghazal (غزل)

Where there would be
No more prohibition,
Nor attacks of pain,
Not even air of fret.
I just want to live.

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Bhat Yasir
Bhat Yasir
Bhat Yasir is a journalist and is presently pursuing Mass Communication and Journalism at Cluster University Srinagar.

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