I am pampering and cajoling
The innocuous wish of my heart – mad heart!
For a period of uncountable time now.

Long before the cancer of reason
Dominated my innocence,
I used to meet my beloved
In the every creation of heaven
And my beloved used to be the guest
Of my every night’s dream.

But now, Alas! All I manage
Is naught but a gasp of anguish
That escapes my parched lips
And I suffer miserably
In the anonymous corridors of separation.

Tonight the moon on the sky
Is bigger and brighter
And the aura is suffused with
Unprecedented reverberations
Of heartfelt ‘Duroods’;
In this ambiance of devotion,
Even for a fraction of second,
I won’t rest…

I may, surely, discover again,
In the silence if this bright night,
The address to my innocence again
And again my beloved might knock
At the tattered doors of my room again.

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