That, only a fool can negotiate such a privilege off,
Bound to me by a la belle dame of cosmetic glow.
Chiselled well in the art of love.
Favour strikes, as to muses the glint of Aphrodite.

So how could I derelict, the barrel of Mandragora
Which is wide open to tame my furious draught. Ready
To be the canopy of espaliers in the caravan of camels.

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O, Darling, I’m stinking foul, parallel to the DEAD FOX.
The odour of noxious wafts, hoists, WIDER and WILDER.
Logged into the history of my ill-reputed ledgers
The stamp of an infamy: “BADNAAM HOU MAEN”
I have a reputation: notorious; as a BIG BAD WOLF,
Art thou willing to serve me? Then sing as
Aurora doest stave for the birds of dawn,
Oils their throat, through the vocals of morn song.

Mystical Tryst - A Poem

Turn thy cask of wine and decant prodigiously
Onto me and assuage my thirst of centuries
Bid adieu to thriftiness, be reckless, spontaneous,
That I could chant fullest the mellifluous song.

The vial ere un-locked by Juliet; drug its potion to sleep,
For the valediction of timely stress and anxiety.
Chemical’s virulency, out step the synthesised chart,
Hourly nap, multiply into the ceaseless slumber,
The course of star-crossed birds did surpass through
The grammar of centuries.

Suspend eternally across each other,
The legend of “Love Forbidden” open to us all.
O Darling! Don’t melt thyself as Antarctica gets
Dissolve by the helium of modern “EYE OF HEAVEN”.

"I am bleeding," Paradise mutters

That antiques daily in the west horizon,
Thou hast no pressure from anybody,
Thou art immaculate, so doest thou everlast be:
Pure and fresh as the sprouting pome and bubbling Tulip,
And thou shalt see, with thine quartz sapphires,
Thy youth’s fair complexion undimm’d.

Shall not be exposed to such sulphur:
Amalgamation to nitric, generate acerbic oxide
Among the hearts of philosophia doctors.
Starling! Don’t let the woe oft kiss thy prismal brow,
Be my muse and have me thy consummate master.

Postscript — For Sabrina, my University batchmate.

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