Life without you is unimaginable.
Though you are not as important as oxygen, you act as a life-supporting system.
You provide strength when all foundations are tumbled down.

You are hope when all hopes are dead.
When autumn is everywhere, you are spring.
And in the cold nights of winter, you give warmth.

In the rough oceans, you are a life-saving boat
And on the dusty roads, you bring solace.
Without you, life is possible, though difficult.


Sweetness will lose its sweetness while the bitterness will magnify.
Autumn will always remain here, while spring will lose its charm.
Green fields will look like a wilderness

And the colourful flowers will be thorns.
Though you are little, you are large enough to decorate my world.
A human being’s heart is a bitter thing.

A slight disturbance can prove detrimental.
However, to build again, a slight nudge of ownership can act as a panacea.
Yes, without you, life is unimaginable.

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad is from Hajibagh, Budgam. His hobbies include reading and writing.

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