I may not be able to start
Getting thoughts and dreams
By peeping into their heart

As bestie, they could not take me
But soil of my heart, they knew
Nourished by waters of their sea

As such, is my soul restless
Counting the stars whole night,
Under clear sky, it stays sleepless

Their memories never leave me alone
In that devastated forlornness,
I never fall down to bemoan

Dreams of ours, just twirl around
In partial death, could not see anything
Blind eyes of my heart, I found


Imaginations, as lethal as poison, I know
Those are just my mind’s creation
In their absence, is, but life a throw

Till Angel knocks at the door
I remember them, In taking venom
Shan’t I hesitate more

Since my soul depart in fears,
Precious gems, they shouldn’t waste
I abhorred making them smile tears

My burden! Shall coffin stand?
I hope, for their red roses, that, so,
I shall be handed over to land

As act of love, I would think
The compulsions, they had, so
My love, just their eye-blink

Letter To My Future Partner

They shall be free to express,
After death, what they couldn’t
In my presence, by stress

Some instances, are there
Which might remind them, still
Of my affection and care

The so-called love, I found
No matter, they also should have, but
Such denial like thorns piercing wound

This duality proved lethal
Only to get their love, is by departure
Of soul from world special

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