With the arrival of dusk
I put on my raggy cloth
But the wind, with chilly gust
Pierce the raggy holes as arrow
Which compelled me to move on
In such fierces of wind strong

My mind illusioned
Personifying, on mirroring itself
Man, dark long haired,
With black beard merged, as it sees
Asking itself, if that person?
Once farming the world, seen grieved

The gamble of hearts,
Happened, since long ago
Such illusory, unexpected
Apathy, as play of it
Forced hard, as he was
To search luck, in that land

A Clown

Gamblers of that land,
On coming in front of him,
They put on their masks,
Just for an act of deceit;
Like vipers, with dual faces
Justifying venomous act

He was forlorn helpless
In the battlefield, trying
Cure the wounds, of black fangs
Acted upon him in deceit
And mourning in disgrace
As he came to know

Since long times, the heart with wounds
Fresh and mood pensive, trying
To forget these deceits, only
With extinction of vipers
The heart will get cured, till then
They’ll be the master of gamblers.

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