That day when you left the home
Saying that you will come back soon

Give me answer, hear my cry
Tell me son, why did you lie?

Keeping me waiting, you left
Making me sleepless, forever you slept

Oh! My son, can’t you feel
The pain in my heart has no heal

Please come back or I’ll die
You know son, your mother doesn’t lie

Holding my finger, you learnt to walk
With your little tongue, you learnt to talk

The day when you came walking, calling me “MAA”
Tears rolled down, when I saw

I remember my son, your every talk
Still I can hear your gigs of laugh

At every stage you made me proud
Today, why did you left me alone in this crowd?

Looking for you, my eyes have dried
Tell me son, why you lied?

I have nothing, you were my gold
Now, how can I live alone in this world

Tell me son, hear my cry
If you don’t come, I’ll die

Oh! My son, your mother is saying
Take me with you, I am praying

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