The pure intentions
Filling graveyard, Alas!
As mean person mentions
The black fangs of his class

The glory of past
Remained a suspicion to means
They never tried to search vast
The solitary thoughts of dreams

The clutters and puzzles, before
That made their ways
Laid them to their shore
Forgetting all dismays

But in present day
Those people, just a dream
Stupidity has made us stray
With vex in everyone’s esteem

The so-called human
Cremating his real aim
In land foreign, making own rules common
Making that land, full of shame

Main aim of creating us
Lord has given us moral
Then why such pride and lust
Acting as if we are immortal

Those Indelible Moments

They’re, the real wolves
Humans, only in shape
Massacring others like bulls
Wolves practising their hate

Human, in present day
In life after death, he doesn’t believe
As if he’s never gonna be His prey
To this foreign-land, he’ll deceive

Land, where he lives on
Has swallowed arrogants like Qaroon
Don’t you know? O’Man!
Water has brunt abrasives like Fir’aun

Then why? Modern man!
The history, you’re twirling around
Of that abrasives who began
The journey and finally drowned

Creative Writing Workshop: Talk by Tooba Rasheed

Verily, some mirages, there are
In humans, which is clown
Why they shape their future dark?
Even knowing they gonna drown

In queue of everlasting greed
They end their life’s travel
Just for single penny, they plead
And sell their souls to devil

Too much ungrateful,
To his Lord
One who deserves to be trustful
The man proves as coward

This land belongs to Him,
Who bears power to cherish it
Creeping insects, these so-called humans seem
Yajooj Majooj, this land witnessed, also had to quit

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