The day which was full of extreme happiness like honey prior to picnic,
The day which was framed to put as indelible memory like engraved on material prior to picnic.
The day which constantly resonated in my ears like buzzing sounds of bees prior to picnic,
The day which I have thought to make it flow of exhilaration like spring prior to picnic

The day which I have decided to make it my own way prior to picnic like a restless human being,
But all was opposite to all my designed thoughts after the dawn of picnic day appeared,
Which greatly consumed the honey of my picnic day with rain like cats and dogs
It was the downpour which clogged my delectation of picnic day by showing no let up the whole day.


I am thinking now that it was so bleak day for all my designed thoughts of mind,
Which greatly makes me so disappointed with God on one side.
Now, could I call it blessed day or merciless day for me?
Perhaps, blessings of God have never manifested adverse results for anyone so far.

Undoubtedly, it is the ultimate will of God with great purpose to His creatures
That suppresses all wills of man made with great down the drain.

Bilal Ahmad Sofi
Bilal Ahmad Sofi
Bilal Ahmad Sofi is from Khushipora HMT. He has done his Master's in English from IGNOU. He likes poetry.

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