In thou eyes, I find the motive of life
Seeking refuge from time, when in strife

With her smile, I bid goodbye to my rues
Lost in her thoughts, she gave such clues

Flock of snow trying to compare with my dear
Don’t show light to Sun, you are just a mere

Why thee hold thine emotions, due to fear
The time has gone, since now, road is clear

Listen dear! Never take that vipers too easy
They spew venom inside, but outside pleasy

Lull of Night

Why in thy rues, thou murmured heart bewail
When they’ll grieve? The day, their face turned pale

They brought me on the way, I was deceased of
Showed me such a sincerity, I was pleased of

After their arrival, never felt clutters an illusion
Their wisdom almost wiped out all confusion

My expression of love, left them in daze
Since then, the deceased one in their prays

The depth of love much enough to set ablaze
Having great love, never expressed in any ways


Insisted my heart, to make her a love phrase
Having belief, we never gonna develop strays

Their longing had made me to show emotion
The glory had began, after long tearful ocean

Damn, feel sorry about losing her, Eyan!
Thou, theirs one and only heart’s scion

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