Old Age Home

Pale yellow face and white hair
Sitting silent on the rocking chair
Looking toward the bookshelf
I guess he needs some help

Tears rolling down with stammering voice
Why did he leave me without a choice?
I’ve sacrificed my nights and days
Brought him everything whatever he said

Now I have realized what remains in my vault
Why blame anyone it was my fault
Now I have landed in an old-age home
It’s pleasing rather than to roam

Here are hundreds with the same story
I am one among them so why I have to worry
Neither a letter nor a call
They left me here and that’s all

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Mohammad Imran
Mohammad Imran
Mohammad Imran is a poet who hails from central Kashmir's Ganderbal district. Presently, he is pursuing M.Sc Zoology from DCAST Dehradun.

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