Thy laugh is an alchemy of my desiccated heart,
Dredge the elements of… on high,
Over the fringe of sky,
Which hadst reclined torpor, deflected so long,
Under the savage dust,
Now lights forth as star crystals out of high.

Eftsoon, through this pregnant smile of thine,
Emotions start cropping electrically,
Pulses begin beat rhythmically.
It’s luxuriant than anything else,
But venomous to my heart. O Luna!
When happens on thy iridescent walls, rather innately,
Entire my, spasms into numbness and tear me apart.

O Darling! Thou art, unaware about a love,
The love, which I labour to thee, devotedly.
Others were reflecting over, sort of infatuation,
For some this my insanity,
Though doggedly yelling, its thy love; truth.

I'm A Rag Picker

Preposterous remarks doesn’t matter neigh the
Ancient heart nexus;
(The true old love of lover and beloved amongst).
Therefore, cannot dangle my feelings – seething,
Which were, are and will remain so, in future; perennial.

Albeit, thou art tokenless about my existence, am I?
Probably, in the kernel of thy centre my worth would not
Cross above an iota; the limit of a legume.
Perchance, thou may learn someday,
That a lone boy who was by ay looking sleazy,
As he is naught, jaggy hair, serrated style,
Unkempt beard, reserving and aloof.

Demeanour, dishevelled!
Couching behind back benches and brooding,
Concocting thoughts, virgin and dreich
Woven them through the subtleties enough.
Yup! Thou shalt form, was interweaving, but not bad.
Though you will surmise then, was thy mister lover,
And thou were his ravishing beloved.


Distinctly, you will trace my presence there none,
Forwhy, late admirers were from ancient times
Purveyed late boon. And if thou shalt locate me,
Yes, thou wilt locate me one day,
Then with less transparency in my ocean diamonds.

Half vigour and a halve pulsation of blood,
Fragile nerves, hollow boiler of youth in them.
But the heart, which I hadst stamped anciently for
The love of our perpetual souls, indeed thou shalt descry,
Still scalding in your memory, burning still in thy love.

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  1. Enjoyed reading the poem above , really explains everything in detail,the poem is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming poems.


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