The prisoners of paradise are armed
The education is closed, the colleges are locked
They are picked and thrown into dark
In the sea of blood, I only say I shocked

O! The calm ocean of occupied nation
Rise above your fears
Shark rules the waters alone
Raise the yell to surmount fears

For you, the real foe is your fear
The only flexuous thing existing there
Hark, be vestal and slay it
Take your sides, intone sans despair

The long walk has not ended yet
Discover who you are, you will be free
All you need is to remain strong
And the truth alone will set you free

Let’s speak and torn down the flags of nationality
Let’s end the brawls of imbecility
Let’s free the nation from brutality
Let’s espouse humanity, humanity and humanity

Here, all are singing the common song
That resistance is touching peaks
The sacred blood is bringing change
The world is listening to cheeks

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