How can I count rain as an invincible game?
Impossible for the human brain to get its true fame.
Though myriad devices are to measure it,
Yet, no one has been able to catch it like a train.

By this, the earth gets its bloom
Which has never made anyone gloom.
In a scorching heart, the sea is acting like human sounds
In reality, it remains busy making fruitful clouds.

Constant invocations of rain lie on the lips of farmer
While many are in search of the sun to get warmth.
Without it, everything on earth is difficult to grow.
Your glow is a different glow.

New Shelter

Don’t be ungrateful while receiving anything from nature
As God is there for His creatures.

Discover a hidden easter egg

Bilal Ahmad Sofi
Bilal Ahmad Sofi
Bilal Ahmad Sofi is from Khushipora HMT. He has done his Master's in English from IGNOU. He likes poetry.

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