Restless Mind

The mind stops pondering over various disciplines of knowledge
When its acumen gets stuck somewhere else;
Having great compunction over past gaffes committed intentionally,
Is the biggest infirmity of my restless mind.

All dear ones implicated me in noxious plots every time
Sounds so intricate to get myself rid of it now.
It was seemingly a heyday for me during the presence of their evil parties.
Now consistently regretting from dawn to dusk.

Retaliation isn’t my solution to their nefarious trap,
But only unflinching patience would be my biggest avenge for them.
Waiting for their perdition is now my last pine,
As all of them have been accountable for the disruption of my peaceful mind.

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Bilal Ahmad Sofi
Bilal Ahmad Sofi
Bilal Ahmad Sofi is from Khushipora HMT. He has done his Master's in English from IGNOU. He likes poetry.

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