The river of hope gushing in charred hearts
Forging its own path to scuff the scars
And making noise, began tossing the heart valves
The anachronic voice brought with it the divine hope of life.

Its waves being so pure to cruise to every corner
Regressing their divine purity and filling up their every crater
Its flow is natural, its charm is abiding for it homes
In the fallen fortuned hearts
Its taste is peerless, its existence is God’s reflection
As it holds them firm curing their wounds.

ZEITGEIST — The Present Era

Flowing through the darkest secrets of my heart
The river responded, “Oh you petite creature, how on earth
you harbour this much grief?”
The poor heart strived to unwind its predicament
But ended with a whimper.

The river of hope, an essence of God
For it is not a mere existence but a cause of life
For million hearts
The rivers’s waves, the heart’s blood
The river’s rocks, the heart’s scars
Whole of this synchronize!

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