The time you slipped out from my heart
Didn’t you hear the wobble of my emotions?
The fragile shoulder and ‘Nazuk’ hand
Forget all the promises we made

Unconfined walls and hounded prisoner
And the everlasting fragrance of Autumn, ah!
Messenger of mercies, disposing punishment
Hold your nerve the stars are yet to crush

Universe vibrated with intolerable cries of sky
Didn’t you hear the laughter of mountains?
Smoke was there but ash was missing
Have you disappeared with the flames of time


Spring has ended leaves have to fall
Shall my memories vanish, with the arrival of Autumn?
In thin memories of time and harsh seasons
Surely I too will cheat my beloved to break them

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Mubashir Naik
Mubashir Naik
Mubashir Naik, a young Law student, writes stories of conflict for different Kashmir-based news outlets & is an occasional poet as well.

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