In the deafening silence
Of frozen scary nights,
When my unruly river of emotions,
Flows over the bunds of tolerance,
I sell my innocence cheaply
To the cynical alligators of darkness.

Into the unwilling uterus of papers,
I unload my seeds of frustration
Which gets germinated
Into uncountable volumes of
Anachronistic poetry,
To be laughed at sarcastically,
On the other side of night.

The bruises of morbidity,
Ploughed with the daggers of sadism,
In the deepest depths of my soul,
Leak streams of lamenting lava
To drown me in the sea of remorse.

Should I not hide my emotions
From the stoic colonies of humanity,
Where my pain will be auctioned
In the liberal markets of
Pretentious empathy?

In this tussle of adversity,
Where I expect
Some splashes of sociability
And they stay firm
On their pledge of misanthropy,
Tell me clearly,
Shame on who?

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