What the blood had gone
The blackish wild,
With the lorn pirates
Collude to rise
On that pioneer

Why there exists?
That vision
Of course mixed up
Whether gone psychotic
Trying to play down

The unaware queers,
Do they think of
An accustomed person?
Nay! They are one
Who are in deception

The immense story of
Incognito genius,
The crenel king,
Of his own world
Remained hidden

The black-blooded scorpions
Of be apt to resemble
Company of nobles,
But the time came
Class of attitude began


In spite of class shown
The opinion remained steady
One who knew that genius
Reminded him of that stream
With profoundness in flow

Since long times, waiting
For venomless scorpions to be,
Alas! Their attitude
Towards nobles and geniuses,
Proved all in vain

But the logs of stream,
Ready to speak up
Contrary to that venom
The scorpions had spewed
Upon the obscure genius

The time shall come, there
The noble gathering, once
The unfamed will be crowned,
By efforts of wooden logs,
Ready to invade empire of Venom

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The world will be taken aback,
The world of exceptionals
Will dominate the venom
Under throne of that genius

This poem is dedicated to my father who has faced many hardships in making my career and brightening my future. The words GENIUS, PIONEER, KING refer to my father here.

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