In my breast, I find my heart
But it’s beats, not of its part

The carved names on epitaph
Vanished with breeze of time

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These inner hurdles, had it’s strong hold
So I expected it, as an ice-cold

Thou cannot be such a silent twirl
O! I have seen a bold roar of thee

Are not you in that swamp, You cannot get out?
“Can coffin be lifted by single person?” I doubt!

My heart is not mine
How could it be thine?

Milna Chahiye: Ek Azad Nazm Jang aur Milne ke Naam

The time of glory, I have seen
As my heart was not mean

The grievances, I had sought
The heart still twirling around dream

Do healers possess such a herb?
I could heal wounds of broken heart

The roots nourished by pure aqua
Alas! the girth came to show black ink

Should I hoot over my evils
Or recite such the holy verses

O! My shadowish heart,
The dark ink on its peak

Would that dawn turn face
Towards fate of thee

Apple Valley

I’m afraid it has lost the way
Where Sun rises, I tend to pray

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