A scene near Peerzoo Island in Srinagar

Our never beloved language is dying slow death
It has lost its precious breath.
Everyday, there is a fake ceremony of Kashmiri language
To make us believe we have mileage.

This language is the custodian of our emotions.
It has always looked for innovative creations.
It never looks for false temptations.
It never looks for imitations.

Lal Ded had a lot to offer;
Its coffers are the same coffer.
In the scorching heat, it brings a nice shower.
When all is flooded, it stands like a tall tower.

Abdul Ahad Azad called was the man of intelligence;
A man’s job is to look out for maintenance.
Habba Khatoon is waiting for his lover.
No one is ready to be her follower.

Sufferings (Ghazal)

Shams Faqir had rendered his service in the best way.
He knew the divine ray.
Rasool Mir was a truly gem and got the highest honour;
He did everything to be a good donor.

Waza Mahmood tried to fight against the existing principles.
He had dreams and the perfect wills.
Zareef Ahmad Zareef is a critic of the modern time.
Zareef hates to have the same kind of rhyme.

Amin Kamil was a short story writer of full might;
He had over the things exclusive right.
Rahman Rahi is working for “Pai Chu Zulmat Wuzaan” in the night
The world is at fight.


At the end of the day, it is going to die;
The custodians never try.
Funds won’t take its legacy forward and make it alive,
When the humanity is not alive.

Serious thinking should be done.
Without it, nothing can be done.

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