Memories never fade away
They come back one day
We need any mean to remind
Or the person, who’s of that kind
With which we can recall our past
Who brings us back, that world lost

Beyond every tear, a memory is there
Beyond every memory, an emotion is there
Everybody, with the period of past glory
And the sweet moments of their love story

That memories with torment of betrayal
The queasy heart, still waiting for their arrival
With clearance and depth in imagination, the nature
With harsh lesson, trying to teach that creature

Aabha Vatsa Midha's "Desire" - When poetry mollifies the pain!

With whom they love, verily they have to part
After sobbing a lot, they tend to have new start
But the past memories remain as such
Like that beloved’s heart, still in touch

They find beloved’s presence in every shadow
They hide their tears with fake smile, they show
The fools, still hoping for the return of their honey
Nobody able to get them, as hope remains mystery

The hope remains as such, like fear
They now regret of shedding every tear
Is there any way, to forget the past
Let’s find that, Eyan, till our soul last

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  1. Every time when I read or se ur poem publishing itz an adventure for me …keep it up my bro …stay blessed reach hights


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