You are unaware with
The place, your respect
In my heart, has occupied

Why are you blaming me
For my intense love
Towards your heart

Why some instances
Seem to me, as your love
But, in real, as fantasy

The heart cannot contrast
Between love and lunacy,
That I’m dealing with

Such a pure-hearted soul
My self tends to be
Just for your love to gain

I’m not the man
With two faces,
Each inside and outside


Tears smiling on eyes
With the flow of floods
But not of any value

Such a denial, hurts me
Is there anyone
Who could console me

What’s in my heart
I just put in front of you
My lunacy, don’t you take it?

My denial is not hatred
It’s my heart practising
To live the life without you

I loved the way,
You said ‘no’ to everything,
Which I used to console you

The heart shall conclude
With the last words
Of the soul as legacy

The innocuous wish of my heart!

My heart shall be with you,
Ever, till my soul departs,
And even after that.

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