I laid my mind there
Where destiny took
Every stage of life
Full of surprises

Oh! I would like
Recreate the imaginations
That wonderful, seducing
Inspiring soul

When there is rain
A hint, nature gives
To recall about,
The never gone memories

I would wait all time
When nature is kind to me?
That raindrops, that peace
That leaves another memory

I would say, when
Raindrops fall on me
That’s memory, that
Attaches me to my soul

That evening, the
Little angered clouds
The raindrops upon me
Would that, it will happen again


Stuck to that imagination,
The imagination in greens!
With that raindrops
Refreshing my soul

The raindrops,
Falling upon me,
My soul, beside me
Owe! That memories

I love to wander
Under little drops
Loneliness around me
Gathering to swarm

Under little drops
I lay my memories
Not even wanting
That soul freshness

They soul once,
Refreshed and recreated
Never needed, the
Little drops, absence of forlornness

The memories are
Best thing to remember
Until what nature brings,

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