Those moments together
Childish actions we all did,
I still remember.

Tribute to those indelible moments
To those golden memories
To our hidden talents
To our selfless endeavours
We expensed for the good of one another’s.

Such a profuse euphoria,
Was what I sometimes ask
In thus a wondrous cry
This darling Baradari! Ahh,
An ever reply I get
Peerless it, you know why?
We giggled, played, fought, enjoyed even grew together
We took diverse paths to go ahead,
Still unable to forget each other.

The childhood we spent all together
Playing marbles and matchbox cards
At those muddy and dusty destinations
Where we used to assemble, then sit in circles
The charm of those days will never fade
Even sometimes if we try to evade
These are the memories we all had.

Lull of Night

I still recall such cherishing moments
Of those roaming walks
From the barren to fertile lands like hawks
Of those unending bathes at our local yarbals
Of those days long sun drying at canal bunds
Of picking plums, walnuts and apricots.
Of those precious days when even fights couldn’t part us
Of those soothing moments when teachers couldn’t halt us
Of those memories when it seemed the whole universe belonged to us
Of those unhealing wounds we possess with us
Of those bicycle rides and tennis ball games
Of those other typical Kashmiri plays
Gali dandha, Garmass and Sazloung.

We learnt how to live a life with a strong bond
Like the group of fluttering butterflies
Who fly around the bloom with a common fond
I can not forget you dear
Each and everyone of you is my champ
I love and miss you all
I wish to be in your company
Once and for all.


I must say
You are all the heroes of your own
Do your best with whatever you have
Remember what we were, are and would be
This journey has to go ahead like a sea
To witness the ups and downs of a wave
Never lose hope, move on with a strong crave.

I am not poet so as express it wonderfully
I just tried to scribble it very naively
In a bid to recount our childhood memories
When we cared for one another and had no worries.

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