These awanting voices rove hither and thither
Questing for someone who lend them their ear
Mothers wailing, children frozen and fathers whisper
Oh God! Evade this callous season for how long could we bear?

Roads taken up by the despicable carcasses
And alleys flooded with the blood of innocent
Then I wish the will of God over us harness
And so that could we breathe no longer in the imprisonment

All the while, these cordial voices resonate in my head
Piercing my heart and freezing my being
Arrival of these barbaric waves makes me dead
And this often panges me and drives me denying


For death often visits here
Perhaps the Valley is more alluring
Seeing the cataclysm often brings a tear
In my eyes and limits the phase of my enduring

This timid season has either freezed or crushed the little flower
And this ill process halted it to bloom
For this caused the emerging flower to devour
And let its parts, in the cold weather, to die in fumes

Despite being prey of this atrocity
I being alive as of my firm belief
And a divine hope will aid me crushing the animosity
For it will take a little more to end this grief

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