Opened my eyes as dawn had arrived
All over news conquered, channels had strived
The abyss of animality, people had realised
We’re under oppression, with the passing lives

In that vale of people, sign of love deprives
How we’re gonna free, from the growing crimes
Neither three-year-old kid nor sixty-year lady
Safe in their homeland, a stain to humanity

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Father holds over daughter, woe to that mentality
Spies getting dominant with their speciality
Law is in their pocket, Oh! Such a superiority
Innocent behind bars as spy in his company

Criminals outside with their record empty
Heaven is turning hell with the crystal clarity
No sign of intelligence in their brain cavity
Can we face Lord with our soul darky

People slacking thirst, by any means
Spy in the friends, coming in veils
I may raise voice, but no one heeds
Thirst of money, the game of greeds
Would that they reform, my soul pleads
Attention to the lust, everyone feeds

That’s what a misery I see
Dying my eyes to wet in glee
Wandering beasts, as they’re free
Hang them till death, that’s my plea


Either porn or pellet, youth losing eyesight
West ruling youth, darkening their soul bright
Soul – Discipline of Satan with heart turned all black

Two brothers in a civil like foes in one pack
One claiming as hero, another brother villain
Whom would you call martyr, as list goes to fill on
People on religious seats with mouth sealed
How could the Kashmiri hearts get healed

Modesty faded, as girls lost the way of Fatimah (R.A)
How could they be safe, they’ve picked way of Libera
Morals died long before, modern liberals, they wanna be
Copying West with inner core, drowning them in trauma’s sea

Stone hearted people with motive of life thrown
Day after day, they tend to moan
How can we then ascend to the throne
The scene of destruction, they’ve shown

Such a beasts, we people are
How we’re gonna, face our Lord

How we’re gonna, dream of freedom
When our daughter unsafe, in our kingdom
We didn’t forgive Zainab, Asifa or Aiman
The level of low-class thoughts, we should overcome
Not even a single day, without martyrdom
One more colour added to the spectrum

Degree College Pulwama incident a vicious act of Forces: AJKSU

Wake up Kashmir, that’s not of your road
Great saints, there used to be;
That would refresh your soul

Devastated land, you’ve become
Full of evils and lot of shame
Great heroes, that we claim
You’ve put them in the frame

Mothers of Kashmir, used to the pain
Lesson of distress, they ought to gain
Flood of blood, yet flowing in that lane
How many clothes will get that red stain

But we’re gonna, bear that hardships
Heart with full of fear and prayer on lips
Chase of nightmare, still coming fierce
We are unaware about slips and skips
Shall we be sincere towards their tips?

But this never gonna be all in vain
As we’ve rebellious blood, in our vein
Shed as how much you can, the blood’s rain
We gotta never rebound, with rising cocaine

The blood of martyrs, our body contain
So the rule of Islam, shall Insha-Allah remain!

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