As usual, there are
Irruptions and incursions
in my native land,
I hide my fears
behind my innocence,
with my mind in my lap.

Triggering bullets and sound shells
Pierce through the window panes
of my body,
mark scars and signs of occupation.

There is disturbance
inside and outside,
as peaceful nature is being infected
and castigated by
the ‘Guardians of Peace’.

Nature moans at his callousness,
and insensitiveness,
where wars are only scars on history,
and defame the inhumane
facets of humanity.

Paigham-e-Mohabbat - A Ghazal Night by Idea of India

While lying scattered on the ground,
like a felonious assault, I
began to safeguard my dreams
against the armored power,
only to see the last glimpses
Of my broken hopes
into shambles.

Note: Extraction from my Anthology “Secrets Of An Occupied Heart”

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