Winter in its best & mountains wrapped in a white shawl.
The Dozy sun unwilling to rise, have lost my charm, he said!
The earth refused to believe, whose blood it has to suck.
Wailing moon didn’t set that darkest patch of night,
Can’t miss any glimpse of fallen star!
Mourn my people he unveil.

Come home, our beloved has kept his promise of fateful day.
Home calls!
I am coming for a promised day, Smiling he arrived!
The battle I have fought, the war you have to fight, combat it bravo!

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The day, everyone left their work halfway, rambler travelled back midway.
Calamitous day, every ear & eye has to witness but none wishes.
Arrived, Doomed it was!

With broken hearts & teary eyes
The ears foist, what they never desired.
Numbers of faces, numbers of names.
Unknown yet known,
Wailing mothers they were.
Greeted him with thumping chests, tears & fairly slogans.

Oh people, for God’s sake let me have a glimpse of our beloved.
A wailing mother chants, oh our beloved, Say salaam to my “Lakht e Jigar” when, meeting in heaven.
It was day! We mourn for unbearable loss & celebrate as blessed choice.

River of Hope

Amid eulogies, he left us crying & wailing
The final goodbye he was saying with smile
In a sea of people, he was floating, we never ever had witnessed.

On his last journey, he took nothing,
But our tears & blessed rainy drop on his shroud.
With his departure, he kissed his dream of “Shahdat & Azadi” & we buried him under the shadow of his dream.

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