Life means ups and downs.
Though downs are in plenty, but a beautiful companion can make life’s journey comfortable.
Yes, this is true in case of Sanam.
She taught me what real life is.

Though she has not mitigated adversities, but she taught me how to face them.
Bravery and resilience have been understood in totality.
Courage and defiance have ingrained in my mind.
Yes, Sanam has changed my mortal life.

She made me to learn to look at both sides of the coin.
She taught me to be irrational when it is crime to be like that.
On top of all, she has made it crystal clear what introspection is.
Before her arrival, I was lost in a dreary desert of wilderness.


Days were dull, so were nights.
Ugliness was all around while beauty was absent.
Stars were lightless while the moon was dull.
The blooming gardens had lost their charm and the storms were common.

But you have come as a soothing breeze to calm my nerves.
Now everything is serene, though ugly.
Sana, you have changed everything for better.
Your arrival is a panacea to all my ills.

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad is from Hajibagh, Budgam. His hobbies include reading and writing.

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