Where are you at the moment?
When everything is serene,
Rain has stopped,
Spherical water drops are falling from thatched roofs,
Water is collected in lanes,
People think of leaving their homes and earn,
Lovers have a lot of time to talk on Sunday,
Paddy has ripened to harvest,
Rice fields look golden and alike.

Where are you at the moment?
Rivers have no water and I can walk through them.
Their secrets are open to learn one by one.
Weather is getting cold,
And you are to hold.


Where are you at the moment?
Come with me and walk on fallen leaves.
The cracks of the yellow leaves prick the hearts,
The sadness of losing a dear one is quite haunting,
But they have to come back like “the Blossoms” and Neruda’s “Dead Earth”
If you come, we will promise to live forever.

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