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Eight years ago, a student named Sahil promised his teacher Abha to meet again when he will become an engineer and if he failed, he will never show his face to his master due to shame. Later, Sahil becomes a prominent engineer and eagerly wishes to meet his teacher.

He sends a letter to his master about his arrival. When Abha gets it, his eyes get filled with tears. He also waits eagerly for Sahil. The next day, while he is drinking tea, someone knocks on Abha’s door in a normal manner. When he opens it, his happiness knows no bounds on seeing that his student Sahil. They hug each other and Abha cries in an emotional state.

After this, for five hours, they talk to each other. Sahil shares all his experiences and his feelings about Abha’s absence. However, when Sahil was about to leave, Abha stops him. Sahil responds, saying he cannot stay because of fate. Abha fails to understand this and still tries to convince him.

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Sahil, then, takes a pen and a page from the desk which was in front of him. He writes, “You were my teacher so I had promised you for the meeting and it’s my fate and result of praying that allowed me to do so.” He shows this letter to Abha and then folds it. This act becomes unusual for Abba. Sahil also says to his master that when 40 days occur after this day, he must come to his house and also keep this letter along with him as evidence. Finally, Sahil leaves.

As per Sahil’s wish, Abha goes to Sahil’s home on the 40th day with the letter in his pocket. When he reaches there, he sees a big crowd of people. On getting closer, he realizes that someone has died in the family and the arrangement for some rites is being done. He also hears women wail and in it, he hears the name of Sahil. With this, he could now hear his own heartbeat.

Vipers Without Venom

At the same time, someone puts a hand on his shoulder and asks, “Are you Abha?” He turns his head and answers, “Yes.” The person feels pity and says, “Unfortunately, Sahil could not come to fulfill his promise.” Abha asks for Sahil and the person surprisingly replies, “Don’t you know about Sahil’s death? Moreover, it is his 40th day of death, that’s why the people are making arrangements for this day.”

Abha asks about the cause of Sahil’s death, and the person replies that Sahil was driving to his house for meeting him but a truck struck his car and at the same moment, he died. “His eyes were full of tears, perhaps for not being able to meet you.”

Shell-shocked to hear all this, Abha could not move his lips. However, when he took out the letter from his pocket and unfolded it, he found it blank!

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