Circular-1: Kashmir University Admission Process 2016


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University of Kashmir
Office of the Convener Admissions
Subject: Admission Process-2016
The Entrance commence from 3rd in the University of advised to:-
Test for the Post-Graduate and other courses for the academic session 2016 will week of Feb. 2016. The candidates desirous to seek admission to any of the Programmes Kashmir are advised to prepare themselves for the Entrance Test. All the aspirants are
1.Keep the necessary certificates (State Subject Certificate, Date of Birth Certificate, Character Certificate and NOC from employer in case of In-service candidates) ready for submission with the Form.
2.Keep their Reserved Category Certificate ready, as the plea “Certificate under process” will not be entertained.
3.Candidates applying under Sports Category must contact Director, Physical Education and Sports, University of Kashmir for verification of Sports Category Certificate well in advance.
Further, the aspirants are informed that, the Entrance Test Question Papers of previous years and syllabi for Entrance Test for all PG and other Programmes will be available on the official website of the University from 15th January, 2016 i.e.
Prof. Irshad A Nawchoo
Convener Admissions
No.F (PG-Admission-2016) DAA/KU/15
Dated: 31-12-2015



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