JKBOPEE Admission Notification for B.Ed. (Kashmir) Course 2016


Online Applications are invited from permanent residents of J&K State who are eligible and desirous of appearing in the Entrance Test for admission to B.Ed. 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Baghat-i-Barzulla, Opposite J&K Bank, Srinagar-190005 (May – Oct.) & 4th Floor, South Block, Bahu Plaza, Jammu-180012 (Nov. – April)


Tele/Fax: 0194-2433760, 2433590, 2437647 (Srinagar): 0191-2479371, 2470102 (Jammu) Website: http://www.jakbopee.org, Email: [email protected]

Admission Notification for B.Ed. (Kashmir) Course-2016

Notification No: 03-BOPEE of 2016

Dated: 29-01-2016

Online Applications are invited from permanent residents of J&K State who are eligible and desirous of appearing in the Entrance Test for admission to B.Ed. Course (Kashmir) for the Academic Session 2016 in the Government College of Education M.A. Road, Srinagar. The selection of the candidates shall be governed by the J&K Board of Professional Entrance Examination Act, 2002 and the Rules and Regulations there under; JK Reservation Act, 2004 and the Rules there under and Guidelines as contained in the Electronic Information Brochure-2016. These Rules Regulations and E-Brochure are available on the official websites of the BOPEE www.jakbopee.org / www.jakbopee.net

Online Application forms

The Application Forms have to be submitted online only through BOPEE websites www.jakbopee.org / www.jakbopee.net(through URL’s/ links provided for this purpose) from 31st

January to 17th February, 2016. The payment of rupees 800 (Rupees eight hundred only) as fee is to be made also online through the HDFC integrated Payment Gateway which can be used to make payment with any national Credit Card/Debit Card/ or by downloading online generated Bank Challan of J&K Bank/HDFC Bank for depositing the fee amount, in any branch of J&K Bank or HDFC Bank, directly in the BOPEE Account. The procedure for filing Application Form and eligibility etc. of the candidates has been given in detail in the E-Brochure. The applicants must necessarily, in their own interest, go through this e-Brochure before attempting to fill up the online Application Form.

The applicants are advised to fill the online Application Forms on their own or through a responsible person. The applicants can also avail services at the Common Service Centres (Khidmat Centres/VLE) of J&K State for filling up online Application Form at nominal charges. The rate list for various services to be availed at Khidmat Centres is available on the official website of the BOPEE.The applicants can also contact the Help Desk of I.T. Section of BOPEE during office hours only on 0194- 2437647 / 01942433590 / 01912479371 / 01912470102 / 9419434133 / 9906778513 / 9697383737 / 9596243215/ 9596243216 / 9596243217 / 9596243218/ 9596243219 and / or email-at [email protected]for any assistance/guidance in this regard on any working day within the prescribed last date.

Submission of Online Application Forms

The interested candidates have to upload the following self attested certificates along with the Application Form:-

(i)Permanent Resident Certificate;

(ii)Qualifying marks certificate; ( where result is declared)

(iii)Date of Birth Certificate ; and

(iv)Reserved category certificate, if any, (including Sports Certificate) on the prescribed proforma.

(v)The candidates can change/ modify their online Application Form at any time before they submit it online. They are advised, in their own interest, not to share their login details with anybody, lest he/she may get an opportunity to change important details in the Application Form. They can check the status of their Application Form on the official website of the BOPEE. If any form is not confirmed for want of required information, the candidate concerned must report in the BOPEE office Srinagar or

Jammu by or before 1st March, 2016 failing which his/her Application Form shall be rejected.

(vi)Note: The candidates must, after filling up all the required entries, submit their Application Form by pressing SUBMIT button, otherwise their Form will not come in the database and will not be considered. Mere downloading of the Application Form/Confirmation Page does not mean that the candidate has submitted his / her Application Form. Please ensure to click the SUBMIT button.


1.The Applicant must:

a)be a permanent resident of J&K State as defined in Section 6 of the Constitution of J&K;

b)have passed B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./B.C.A./B.B.A. from a recognised University/Institution according to 10+2+3 pattern, or an equivalent examination considered under the statutes of the University of Kashmir governing the award of Degree of B.Ed.; and

c)have obtained not less than 50% of marks in aggregate in the qualifying examination in open merit and not less than 45% of marks in aggregate in any reserved category.

2.The candidates appearing/ appeared in the qualifying examinations are also eligible to appear in the Entrance Test but they have to upload the qualifying examination certificate within the prescribed date to be notified separately.


a)No under process certificates will be accepted.

b)The information provided by the candidates in the online Application Form cannot be verified from the original documents by the BOPEE officials before admission of the candidates. The information on the Confirmation Page or on the Admit Card of the candidate shall in no case be construed as an acceptance of that information/category certificate by the BOPEE. Therefore, if at any stage, it is found that a candidate has provided false or incorrect information in respect of any eligibility condition, his/her candidature will be cancelled without any further notice.

c)The Candidates are hereby sternly warned not to resort to any unfair/fraudulent means or act of impersonation at the time of Entrance Test. In case a candidate is found taking recourse to such acts, criminal prosecution shall be launched against him/her and his/her parent/guardian/abettors. He /she shall be permanently debarred from appearing in the Entrance Test in future.

Original Documents Required to be submitted in the College at the time of Admission

a)Marks certificate of the qualifying examination;

b)Date of Birth (Matriculation Certificate/Secondary School Certificate) from the Board of School Education; and

c)Permanent Resident Certificate.

d)Category Certificate.


I.The sports category candidates have to indicate their sports category on the Application Form and upload valid sports certificate(s). They are also required to submit their Sports certificate(s) in the office of the Secretary Sports Council for determining their sports points which will be afterwards officially forwarded by the Council to the BOPEE. The BOPEE,

however, shall not be responsible for non-inclusion of any candidate in the list forwarded by the Sports Council or for their delay in submission of sports points to the BOPEE.

II.The candidates having more than one reserved category certificate can get benefit of only

one category indicated and uploaded along with the Application Form which in no case shall be changed afterwards. The candidate, whose category certificate has not been found valid, will be considered in open merit, if found otherwise eligible, without any further notice.

III.The candidates will also be considered for admission to B. Ed. in special Education (B.Ed. Spl.) course offered at the Composite Regional Centre Bemina, Srinagar.

Roll No Slip/Admit Card:

The notification for downloading of admit cards will be issued separately. The candidates who fail to download their admit card must report in the office of the BOPEE Srinagar/Jammu immediately. The admit card will indicate time, Venue and schedule of the Entrance Test. The Admit card will be having space for photograph of the candidate. The candidate has to affix his/her photograph which should be then attested by the Gazetted officer. A candidate will not be allowed to appear in the Entrance Test without the Admit Card with his attested photograph. The candidates are advised to remain in touch with the official Website of BOPEE for updates for Centre notification and for other important information relating to B. Ed Entrance Test -2016.The candidates will receive SMS and e- mails for updates.

Issuance of Admit Cards and Date of Test

Information with regard to availability of Online Admit Cards, Venue and Time of the Entrance Test will be issued separately in due course of time. The Entrance Test will be held on 13th March (Sunday), 2016

Under Secretary


No. BOPEE/Exam-02(K)/2016

Dated: 29/01/2016



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