JKSSB Syllabus for Written Test for Naib Tehsildar posts


Srinagar: It is notified for the information of the candidates, who have applied for the post of Naib Tehsildar that the Board is going to conduct the Objective Type Written Test during the Month of September 2015 for which the syllabus is appended to this notice at Annexure “A”. However, for Unit I i.e Ur.du, there shall be descriptive test.

Unit-II: GENERAL ENGLISH (Objective Type) – 20 Marks

 (I) Tenses
(II) Rearranging of jumbled sentences.
(III) Narration
(IV) Models
(V) Articles
(VI) Comprehension with blanks to be filled in with Phrases, Pronouns, Homonyms/homophones.
(VII) Clauses
(VIII) Synonyms and antonyms
(IX) Pairs of words and their use in meaningful sentences.
(X) Idioms and phrases.
(XI) Uses of Prepositions.

Unit-III: GENERAL STUDIES (Objective Type) – 40 Marks
(I) Various sources of energy; conventional sources of energy; improvement in technology for using conventional source of energy (Biomass and wind energy)
(II) Non-conventional sources of energy (Solar energy, Tidal energy).
(III) Solids, Liqids and Gases (Basics)
(IV) Vitamins – Dieases related to vitamin deficiency.
(V) AIDS – Causes and Prevention.
(VI) Environmental pollution.
(VII) Ecosystem – Its components, Food chains and Food webs.
(VIII) Ozone layer, its depletion, Green House Effect.
(IX) Globalization/Liberalization
(X) Disaster Management
(XI) Inflation
(XII) Human Rights
(XIII) Panchayat Raj
(XIV) Indian Freedom Struggle (1857 Onwards)
(XV) United Nations Organization (Principal organs and their functions)

Unit-IV: CONSTITUTION OF INDIA (Objective Type) – 20 Marks
Constitution of India with special reference to:-
a) Citizenship
b) Fundamental Rights
c) Fundamental Duties
d) Election Commission of India
e) Supreme Court
f) Centre-State relations
g) Article 370

Unit-V: CONSTITUTION OF JAMMU & KASHMIR (Objective Type) – 10 Marks
(I) Legislature (Both Houses) – Composition and Election.
(II) State Judiciary.

(I) Topography of J&K State.
(II) Climates of J&K State:-
a) Temperate (Valley)
b) Arid (Ladakh)
c) Sub-Tropical (Jammu)
(III) Historical places and monuments.
(IV) Major River systems in J&K.
(V) Hydro-Power projects in J&K.
(VI) Tourist places in J&K.
(VII) Land Reforms.
(VIII) Indus Water Treaty.
(IX) Wildlife sancturies/National Parks of J&K.
(X) Natural Resources of J&K.

Unit-VII: MENSURATION (Objective Type) – 15 Marks
a) Area of Traingle, Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, Trepeizum, Circle, Right Circular Cylinder.
b) Volume of Cube, Cuboid, Sphere, Hemisphere, Cone.
c) Field Book/Units of Measurement of Land.

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