KU Admission Notification for B.Ed Programme (Distance Mode) Session 2015


ADMISSION NOTIFICATION No. 14 of 2015 from University of Kashmir for B.Ed. 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Office of the Dean Academic Affairs



B.Ed. Programme through Distance Mode

(Session 2015)

On-line Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for admission to Two year (four Semester) B.Ed. Programme through Directorate of Distance Education, for the academic session 2015. The candidates are advised to peruse the Admission Policy, available on University website thoroughly and check eligibility/other details before submitting their Application Forms:-

I) Important dates:

Issuance of On-line Forms

October 21, 2015

Last date of submission of On-line Application Forms

October 31, 2015


Candidates having passed three year Bachelor’s Degree from any discipline from a recognized University, with 50% marks and 45% marks for Open and Reserved Categories respectively.

III)Mode of Selection:

The selection of a candidate for the admission to the programme shall be strictly based on the academic merit of the qualifying examinations. Admissions shall be governed by the Admission Policy 2015 and relevant Statutes, hosted on University website.

IV) Submission of On-Line Application Forms:

The candidates are advised to follow the following steps for filling their On-Line Application Forms.

Step-1: Visit http://www.kashmiruniversity.net or www.kashmiruniversity.ac.in and click on Link Admissions 2015. Read Important Instructions for Submission of Form carefully before proceeding further.

Step-2: Enter University Registration/Enrollment No. and Click Search (if already registered with University of Kashmir your particulars/exams. passed will appear from database automatically). Otherwise enter all details yourself.

Step-3: Upload your latest passport size photograph, if required.

Step-4: Preview the Form displayed on the screen. If details are correct, click on Submit. If there is any variation click on Previous button, make corrections and then Submit. Get a printout of the Form and note the ID for future reference.

Step-5: Deposit the Processing Test Fee of Rs. 250/- (plus Rs. 10/- Bank charges), against the Bank Pay-in- Slip generated with the Application Form, in any of the branches of the J&K Bank Ltd. across the Country.

V)Submission of downloaded Application Forms (Hard copy):

The Open Merit candidates after submitting their On-Line Application Form need not to submit hard copy and must keep Hard Copy of the Application Form and Fee Receipt, with them for reference. Fee Deposition and fee reconciliation shall be treated as Form submission.

However, the candidates applying under any Reserved Category (ies) shall submit the hard copy of their Application Forms alongwith reserved category certificate only, fee receipt, Marks card in the office of the Dean Academic Affairs, University of Kashmir. The candidate shall get the Original Reserved Category Certificate alongwith them for on spot verification.

Candidates hailing from Leh, Kargil and Jammu can also submit their hard copies with all necessary documents at the following places:-

a)Leh: Study-cum-Information Centre, DIET, Leh

b)Kargil: Govt. Degree College, Kargil

c)Jammu: 122-A/D, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

Candidates can also submit their On-line Application Form alongwith all documents through e-mail to deana@kashmiruniversity.ac.in or Fax-0194-2272009 or through Speed Post to the Deputy Registrar, Academic Affairs, University of Kashmir,


VI) Additional information:

The candidates must check the status of their application after five days of their online/hard copy submission. In case, the acceptance of Form is not uploaded, the candidates should contact the office of the Dean Academics Affairs immediately.

Application Forms incomplete, in any respect, shall not be processed for admission.

Other details related to Admissions are reflected in Admission Policy 2015 and relevant statutes, available on the University website.

For any further query/ information the candidates are welcome to contact University on following numbers:

Office of the Dean Academic Affairs: Direct Numbers: 0194-2272008, 0194-2272007

Public Relation Officer: 0194-2272172,2272188

Email ID: deana@kashmiruniversity.ac.in


Deputy Registrar

(Academic Affairs)

No: F(PG Admissions–15)/DAA/KU/15

Dated: October 20, 2015



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