KU Notification for BG 1st semester candidates who failed to download their Exam Forms


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The candidates of BG 1st semester who failed to download their Examination Forms due to unforeseen reasons for upcoming Annual Examination scheduled to be held with effect from 08-12-2015 are directed to download the same though the University website (www.kashmiruniversity.net) on 30-11-2015. The concerned candidates shall have to deposit Examination Form with prescribed fee and Rs 500/- as late fee in the Undergraduate Section of the Examination Wing, University of Kashmir on the same date. However, the Regular candidate/s shall be required to submit their Examination Forms with fee in their respective Colleges and concerned College shall have to deposit the same in the University of Kashmir on the next date.

(Manzoor Ahmad Wani)

Asstt. Controller of Examinations


No: F(forms available 1st sem)KU/15.

Dated: 26-11-2015.



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