Self-introspection - Humane - Love - Affection

In a person’s life, every moment is for self-introspection. There is no fixed time for this. When the person wakes, it is enlightenment. The person has been living in the dark for a long time, whatever the reasons. A lot of time has been wasted in ignorance. Enough is enough. Now the present time is opportune to wake up from the deep slumber and set things right.

Everywhere, there is chaos and confusion. In the middle of a beautiful garden, there is ugliness staring us directly in the face. In the glittering waters of a river, there is filth that mars the beauty of the river. In the beautiful bodies of ours, some things have definitely gone wrong that need a complete overhaul. This is the main motive behind writing this article.

God created us for a purpose. He wants us to grow. An eye for an eye will make this world blind. We harbour jealousy. Jealousy is the character of unwise people. A wise person can never be jealous of others. He or she is satisfied with his or her present things. His approach is different. However, in the present, this evil has become omnipresent. It needs to be done away with.


The second is greed. Cremation or six-feet earth is our end. Yes, to live happily on this earth is not forbidden. However, craving for more and more is dangerous. It snatches contentment and foresightedness. Whatever a person has, he or she must remain grateful. God’s plans are more secure than ours. He destroys our plans when He sees that our plans are going to destroy us. So, greed should be done away with.

The third is intolerance. Tolerance is an elixir of life. Tolerating is the virtue of the wise. One who tolerates wins the game. However, we are intolerant. An untoward action sets us on fire. We begin to speak endlessly. We begin to hit things. This attitude is futile. It is harmful and must be shunned at the earliest.

Prisoners of Paradise

The fourth is ideological supremacy. This has done unimaginable damage to humanity. Living at the expense of others makes no sense. This ideological supremacy has resulted in innumerable killings and has done irreparable damage to society. We can’t go on defining ourselves on the basis of ideology.

Yes, we can overcome the above vices. We need to open our eyes and try to live as real human beings. Humanity doesn’t cost much; however, its fruits are sweet and permanent. We cannot go on lamenting over the death of virtues. Let us try to become the people of worth and somehow mitigate the intensity of darkness that has encircled us from all sides. So, wake up, man.

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