A man carries his daughter on his bicycle amid the Coronavirus-induced lockdown in Pulwama
A man carries his daughter on his bicycle amid the Coronavirus-induced lockdown in Pulwama (Photo by Reshi Irshad)

A worthy being stated “Live and Let Live” and undoubtedly, this slogan should guide our actions all the time, especially in this current scenario of Coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 has not only affected the healthcare system but every living being on this planet has suffered in one way or the other. The challenge has unfolded hundred thousand responsibilities before us to counter the repercussions of this deadly virus.

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Undoubtedly, our frontline warriors are tirelessly working on priority basis to save every life but unfortunately Thanatos is dancing before us in thousand unimagined ways. It has left every existing thing in quandary and has literally rendered us mad.

We can’t ignore even a single negligence nor can afford any deliberate negligence as it would lead us towards wreck and ruin.

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Although, we feel suspicious of our kith and kin but it’s our frontline warriors who can’t care a bit about their own lives. Alas! There are some bullock heads too who are playing with the lives, especially with that of pregnant ladies. What should we call it, humanness or barbarity?

Have they forgot their humane touch? Have they descended from the sky? Don’t they remember, it’s the same folk whom people reposed trust and seen them as saviours and rushed towards them in order to seek a second chance of life after God.

My aim is not to point a finger towards a particular section of our society but I wish everyone should play his / her role like a responsible human being.

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This pandemic left us in quandary about how to live? But my dear folks, we might In Sha Allah live a happy life again if we help each other humanely without trying to grind our own axe. Otherwise, the world will turn into hell where bloody competitors suck poor people and then throw them like a peel of orange and drive them towards the survival of the fittest.

If not now, o yee callous men,
Polish thy brutish ways,
Leads thee to a perpetual ruin.
If not thee heed His principles yet,
Be ready to rot in furious hell.
If you still dwell in ignorant bliss,
After beholding His wrath and ruin,
You’re surely a bull then.

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