You may call it freedom or liberty. Everyone wants to do whatever he or she wants. Nobody wants to be bound by laws, whether natural or man-made. But the most important thing is that are we ready and free to do whatever we want to do or not.

In my opinion, looking at the creation of the universe, it is impossible to do, without rules and regulations. Let us look at this from different angles.

The first is God’s creation. The Sun, the Moon, the planets and all other celestial bodies are bound by some fixed laws. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The Earth is at an appropriate distance from the Sun and other stars and planets. Seasons come and go without a slight mistake. Everything follows some rules that allow peace to reign. No inanimate thing makes a slight effort to go against the Creator who has kept it where it is.

So, the natural things are a testimony that freedom is here but in a limited sense, which the Creator has given them according to the divine plan.

The second is diversity. As we are aware of the fact that this world is a fight between good and evil. The main motive of goodness is that every living organism remains where it is. Any deviation from that path can prove disastrous. Human beings have been made in such a way that they always try to throw away the chains in which they are bound. But the experience shows that whenever it happens, it brings misery to the world.


Wherever evil reigns, there are cent percent chances that the natural order is thrown to the winds. We have examples like genetic mutations, nuclear experiments, worship of others other than Almighty, trying to build another world of their choice, etc., which have brought untold misery to the world.

The First World War, the Second World War, the Syrian Civil War, etc., are glaring examples that can bring us closer to the fact that life is suitable when it is bound by rules and regulations.

The third is Almighty also wants us to follow Him. He is our Creator. He knows the creation. So, it makes no sense that creation goes against the wishes of the Creator. The machine is bound to follow his master. Whenever a machine goes against the plan of the master, the machine is either repaired or it is discarded forever. This applies to human beings as well.

The grand design of the universe says that the Creator has created or made us as machines. Until, we work according to His plan, nothing awkward happens. The very moment we try to put away the yoke of Allah’s rules and regulations, we are bound to fail. Moreover, He has sent many chosen messengers to repair human beings so that they may come back to the original path. If this does not happen, then the Almighty discards us in the most brutal manner.


The fourth and last is what is the motive behind living. If a person knows why he or she has taken birth, many issues are automatically solved. A meaningful life means that it is sinful to harm anything, whether living or non-living deliberately. It means not sacrificing permanent things for temporary things.

Permanency means that it is better to remain limited for long-term gains than to break the laws, which have been imposed by the Almighty. So, meaning in life means that we are forced to obey laws for mass gain.

In short, that life is worthy of living which is full of rules and regulations. Now, the ball is in our court to decide whether to be a law-abiding or lawbreaking person. Let us ponder over it!

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