India's G20 Presidency

There are a plethora of problems at the present. Climate change, Russia-Ukraine war, poverty, pandemic and epidemics, concentration of wealth in few hands, cyber attacks, terrorism, religious fanaticism, genocide, et cetera. India, which is set to become the third largest economy in the coming years, has a golden opportunity to be taken full advantage of.

India has always been the champion of multilateralism, inclusion of all the countries into the mainstream, resolving issues non-violently, non-interference in other countries internal matters. She has also been at the forefront in tackling the problems of climate change, poverty, disparities in any form, setting up an example in resolving the more pressing issues, et cetera. The presidency of the G20 has given India an opportunity to lead from the front and engage like-minded countries in this endeavour to solve the problems that haunt the world day in and out.

The areas in which India can make its presence felt are manifold. The first is Russia-Ukraine war. This platform provides India a golden opportunity to let the world know that war is never helpful. It complicates the problems; rather than solves it. Since February 24, 2022, billions of dollars have been wasted and thousands of people are dead and injured. The UN is unable to stop this war.

It is a fact that any disturbance in one corner of the world has serious consequences as we are living in the age of globalization. In the present age of interconnectedness, war and peace can never go hand in hand. So, this is an opportune time for India to take the lead in minimizing the intensity of the war which has the potential to lead to the nuclear war and the nuclear war is the last thing that the world can afford to.

Syrian conflict and the damage it inflicted on Palestinian cause!

The second is climate change. Heat waves , floods, droughts, et cetera have become the recurring events in the present century. To tackle them, there is a need of a sustainable and collective approach. Apart from money, it needs intellectuals to go into the minuteness of the problem and come out with a long-lasting solution. The floods in Pakistan, the severe cold in Europe and the heatwaves in India itself have made it clear that we must rise to the occasion before it is too late.

The third is global poverty. The present capitalist system has leeched the blood out of the veins of the majority of the developing countries. At the helm of affairs, they have reaped incalculable benefits, throwing other economies into the whirlpool of poverty. So, this is an apt moment for India to make the global economic system inclusive and sustainable where every country is able to reap the benefits but not at other’s peril.

The fourth is regional problems. Today, South Asia is fragmented. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are going through the toughest times. China is knocking at the doors of India. The new blocks are emerging on the global scene. In this situation, the G20 presidency can help a lot in bringing stability in the regional arena. India is strategically located. She can’t afford the tense neighbourhood.

Dreadful Dream - A Poem

The first priority under the shadow of the G20 must be to solve the regional problems to let the world know that good neighbourhood makes good world. Regional stability can uplift the status of India and can help her to reach the pinnacles of development.

The fifth is diversity. India has an opportunity to bring into limelight her diversity. How different religions and races coexist in this part of this world, can be shown in its full form. How the downtrodden have been able to come to the surface! How everyone, regardless of his or her age, caste, colour, et cetera has been able to prove his or her mettle under the visionary Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

Though there are many obstacles in the path, there are rays of hope waiting for all of us. The presidency of the G20 must be an occasion to re-connect the world. A lot of damage has been already done. We can’t afford more wars. All the countries of the world must strive for sustainable world. Superficial issues must be kept aside while the burning issues must be taken into account.

How long will humanity bleed? How many deaths are still waiting to bring us to senses that the world needs healing; rather than continuous jabs of hatred, casteism, regionalism, neo-imperialism, et cetera. I congratulate the whole country for being the hosts of such an event.

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