Given that some Indians are having issues with our ‘Red Cheeks’, health and well being, it is no accusation that they dislike or even hate what we love. They are constantly in search of such kind of incidents and events as may suit their narrative to defame Kashmiris and incite people. The ICC Champions Trophy Final (ICC CT17 Final), in which arch rivals India and Pakistan are going to battle it out, is one such event that might invite the wrath of ‘Ultra Nationalist’ Indians on Kashmiri students!

As India and Pakistan gear up to play the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 on Sunday at the Oval Cricket Ground in England, emotions already run high in Kashmir.

Everyone is desperately waiting for the day to come and in their heart of hearts, are much concerned while also showering love for Pakistan cricket team.

Children, men, women, young and old and even those on their death bed, have a deep concern for the match and can be seen talking about the same. The match, thus, is the talk of the town.

Everyone knows that the valley is going through critical times. But, when it comes to cricket, it is a well known fact that the valley’s cricket lovers are in favour of Pakistan.

The supporters of both the teams will be chanting, yelling and cheering but in the middle of it comes the concern for those Kashmiri students who study outside the valley. Their parents are cursing the match as they are too much concerned about the safety of their wards. They are continuously calling their children so as to make sure that they are safe.

COVID-19 Lockdown & Evacuation from Chandigarh

The scheduled match has created a sort of nervousness in them keeping in view the previous incidents like that of the Asia Cup where India lost to Pakistan. Kashmiri students were beaten, booked and even expelled from their colleges.

Keeping that in view, this article is focused on Kashmiri students who are studying outside Kashmir, in different parts of India. I want to address the following to them:

“Kindly ignore the match and control your emotions. Keep in view the present intolerant situation in the Indian state. Focus on your studies and just forget about the ICC CT17 Final for a while.

No doubt, keeping emotions inside and not letting them out is the worst kind of occupation but you have to do it for the sake of your parents, your brothers and sisters and certainly for your safety and future.

We even here in valley are not safe in celebrating any kind of victory. We recently faced brutal response from the Indian Army when our love for Pakistan made us celebrate their victory.

Whosoever wins the ICC CT17 Final, be it Pakistan or India, please don’t indulge with the ‘opponents’ in any case. If it be so, the outcome might well be the following:

I) You will be beaten to pulp.

II) You will be booked under sedition charges.

III) You will be expelled from the college.

IV) Worst, you will have to face all the above three!

So, be brave and behave as if you don’t know anything about the cricket match. And, one more thing, don’t think that everyone has a right to cheer for the team or the player one likes, there is nothing like that in India nowadays.

You got to cheer for India if you are concerned for your safety. The intolerance in India is at its peak and you must take that into account. The media coverage to the celebration of Kashmiris for Pakistan’s victory against England has already made the atmosphere hot.

Well! I know it is very hard to control one’s emotions that too when you are a cricket lover but for the sake of your well wishers specially your parents, you need to control your emotions this one moment!”

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