India's G20 Presidency

In the present so-called multilateralism when new groups or blocks are made every day, India has a golden opportunity to exploit the opportunities generated or created in the backdrop of the G20 presidency for one year.

India took the G20 presidency from Indonesia in December 2022. Since 1999, India has been continuously in the race to host the G20 delegates on its soil. It is a fact that since the 1990s, India has been loosening its protectionist cloak and trying its best to join the mainstream. With the advent of the technological boom, it is impossible to adhere to the bygone principles of stubbornness and rigidness.

In the present context, soft power is the only way to navigate through the troubled waters of the stormy sea. The G20 delegates are from Russia, China, America, France, Germany, etc. Russia-Ukraine war is going on. China is pitched against America. India has differences with both China and Russia. In this atmosphere of animosity, India can use its oft-used diplomacy of cooperation; rather than confrontation to kill two birds with a single stone.

This presidency has a lot to offer to us. However, there is a lot beyond this summit. Though holding such a grand event will facilitate a lot, things are not going to change. It is the tip of the iceberg. The future paths are quite rough and need foresightedness to travel on. Overall for the fifth-largest economy in the world, it is a rare moment to be missed. The potential benefits of the meeting are briefly discussed in the coming lines.

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The first is international recognition. This event will provide India an international recognition. It will help India to merge with the global order. Though India is connected globally, the visit of the different delegates from different countries of the world will help these delegates to explore this area more and more. It will have a long impact.

The second is an opportunity to draw international attention to the burning issues of the world. Climate change, global debt, pandemics, terrorism, cyber-attacks, ethnic cleansing, hoarding, communalism, regionalism, et cetera are the issues that need a pragmatic approach. India can take the lead in these issues and come up with sustainable development strategies. The international wars that have the capacity to turn into nuclear wars must be stopped. Provocative statements from all and sundry have become a common sight. In this regard, India can show how soft diplomacy is the only way of dealing with the differing parties and how to cool the smouldering volcanoes of hatred and jealousy.

The third is regional stability or connectivity. This platform is an opportunity to keep the differing points aside and hold the common thread of development, removing poverty, fighting against terrorism, prejudices, et cetera. South Asia has a lot to offer, provided that the countries are willing to cooperate. So, India can lead the procession and reach the destiny of the “ Vishwa Guru” and the “ mother of democracy”.

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The fourth is tourism. India is a historical place. It has the quality of unity in diversity. Different religions and people live side by side. This aspect of the civilization can be utilized in the best possible way. At the present moment, when intellectuals are under the surface, India’s finer ideas will motivate people to visit this place and get enlightened. Apart from historical tourism, India is famous for its aesthetic beauty. The beautiful landscapes soothe the nerves. It will boost the GDP too.

Before concluding, I congratulate the Prime Minister of India and his team for their consistency in proving the mettle of India on the international level. Moreover, our Prime Minister is the Chairman of the G20 presidency. Without wasting time in minor squabbles and giving ear to all and sundry, India has to use this platform for domestic as well the global emancipation. Let us hope that this event acts as the harbinger of peace, development, stability, etc.

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