G20 Presidency - India

When the world seems to go into a downward spiral, the presidency of the G20 in the hands of India can heal the green wounds that are bleeding profusely. From the economic crisis to political disturbances, India can use this stage to set the national trajectory back on the real path.

At present, there is no dearth of issues that are opening their mouths wider and wider with each passing day. No part of the world is in peace. Everywhere chaos reigns. With the new age, come new issues. These issues need to be tackled in the modern ways. Traditional approaches can never undo the damage that has been inflicted upon the soul of the society.

Like all other groups, the G20 is like hope against hope. In a dreary desert where mirages are common, the G20 can help to quench the thirst for some time though it needs a constant supply of potable water. We, the citizens of India, are proud to host the delegates of the G20. Moreover, the beautiful Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has been chosen to host the representatives.

Kashmir has been detached from the mainstream world. Here pain is chronic in nature. It has bled profusely in the past. The hosting of these influential leaders can make the blotted picture somehow dirt-free.

Today’s world is closely interconnected. No country can declare itself as self-sufficient. In the past, things used to take place in a vacuum. However, in the present, remaining aloof from worldly happenings can prove counterproductive.

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Once in a hundred years, the COVID-19 pandemic taught us a lesson that how a collective approach is the need of the hour. A minor virus from China created havoc throughout the world. In its backdrop, all the countries of the world strived hard to fight against the lethal virus. In the same vein, Sri Lanka and other countries were helped by other countries to come out of the morass of financial crunch. This kind of approach can help us to make this world a peaceful place to live in.

On the other hand, the Russia-Ukraine war has almost led to a nuclear war. Thanks to divinity, it was avoided. Are we in a position to go for the nuclear war? Billions of dollars have been wasted in this mindless war. This huge amount must have been utilized in the poor countries of Africa, Yemen, Syria, Myanmar, et cetera.

In the recently-held environmental meetings, the fact has been stressed that we need a global fund to tide over the crisis, made possible by mindless development. The global fund for the mitigation of climate change can raise the GDP of many countries. A large part of the GDP is spent on curing diseases and providing necessities to people. However, if the main cause responsible for these problems is addressed, it will become easy to invest in human resources.

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India took the G20 presidency from Indonesia in 2022. This position can help India to tide over the internal problems and with the cooperation of other countries, we can go a long way in promoting global-based order. The order where sovereignty is not at stake. India can showcase to the world how it is the global teacher. It has produced the finer qualities of a true civilization.

Moreover, India has the youngest population in the world. The present presidency is an opportunity to let the world use our young talent in the best possible manner. Our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and his government can utilize the present moment in the best possible way.

For some time on the international level, consciously or unconsciously, the graph of India in many departments has come down. The hosting of the G20 is to clear the cobwebs and make the true picture clearer. Let us hope that this event passes peacefully and India is ranked among the most hospitable countries in the world. All need to cooperate in this endeavour, though differences are there. So, hoping against hope, let us build a strong and vibrant India.

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